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Heather is made of kinder stuff. I wish she had been with me 30 years ago...

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Soprano and crossover vocalist, graduate of Trinity College of Music and Guildhall School, life coach and hypnotherapist, Heather combines step-by-step application of practical singing technique with an infectiously lighthearted, relaxed attitude!

How is your relationship with your voice?

  • I need more confidence

  • Anxious

  • Limited

  • Scared to be judged

  • I'd like to breathe better

  • I was told I couldn't sing

  • I'd like better technique

  • It's complicated!

How can I help you?

Would you like to be able to relax, breathe and enjoy using your voice without stress?

My unique, holistic approach can help recognise your fears  and barriers, learn practical solutions and free your natural voice!

(Anxious singers welcome!)


Not everyone has an easy experience of singing, (even those who sound as if they do!)
We all have a unique relationship with our voice which is often unexplored.


I believe that relationship influences the way we sing, how we learn and how we feel about singing and ourselves.

Many people abstain from singing to avoid associations with pain, shame or frustration.

As well as a singer and teacher I am a life coach and therapist.


I don’t just teach singing technique by rote.


I work both practically and intuitively, recognising that everyones' experience of their voice is a unique blend of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Together with my clients we explore other elements, identifying beliefs, fears or assumptions that may have held you back and no longer serve you - gently replacing them with practical skills, confidence and joy

It is such a joy to see my clients blossom - some from being unable to make a sound through their tears in my studio to singing in public and joining choirs which have transformed their lives!


We all have the right to enjoy our voice and nobody else has the right to shut it down.


It's YOUR voice!

Meet Heather...

I am an award-winning crossover vocalist and a fellow of Trinity College of Music, a life coach and hypnotherapist.


I have sung across all musical genres for over 30 years and taught  hundreds of clients, from terrified beginners  up to professional performers and stars, including David Tennant, Matt Willis, Andy Bell and Dori Sakurada.


I am a holistic voice coach, blending practical singing technique with personal coaching.


I specialise in helping people find joy and confidence in their singing, wherever they’re starting from!

"...Heather is the warmest, most encouraging and generous teacher..."

Free your voice
.....with one of my programmes!
Courses, groups and individual sessions  are available for singers and non-singers of all levels.
Online and in person...



Work one to one with me via Zoom for individual attention.

All levels - from adult beginners to professional singers. No auditions. No judgement!

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Weekly world-wide live Zoom sessions to reduce stress, warm up the voice and lift the spirits! (Nobody else can hear you!)


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Discover, develop and enjoy your voice at your own pace with my new online courses!

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"...I'm committed to helping people transform their relationship with their voices....demystifying singing technique and questioning the stories we tell about ourselves..."

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